Specific documents are associated with each flow regulator. See a review of these.


Upon receiving an enquiry, Mosbaek draws up a quotation comprising an installation sketch, the quotation itself and a cover letter. If requested, we can prepare flow characteristics. If the quotation is prepared in spite of insufficient information, it will be clear that some values are estimated, which means that the price will also be an estimate. The documents are sent by e-mail.

If an order is placed, the installation sketch is reviewed and any missing information is collected and incorporated into the project and on the sketch. An order confirmation is prepared specifying the final price, terms and conditions of payment, dispatch time, delivery address and invoicing address. These documents are sent by an email containing a cover letter.

In some instances, customers want to receive flow characteristics based on a specific test. Mosbaek has its own testing centre where the vast majority of flow and head combinations can be set up and tested. This service is provided in return for payment and only for flow regulators which have been ordered.

A label documenting the flow regulator's specifications is applied to the flow regulator. An installation sketch is sent together with the flow regulator.

Installation instructions and operation and maintenance guidelines can be downloaded from this website.

All orders, including correspondence, are kept on file indefinitely.


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