CE marking

Mosbaek's CEV water regulators are CE marked. Find documents and read about why we have chosen to do it.

CE marking

Mosbaek's CEV flow regulators are CE-marked in the application range 0.2 - 80 l/s up to 2 m head. The CE marking is based on proven performance. This means that by specifying CE marking requirements, customers specify that performance must be documented.

 The underlying Declaration of Performance can be viewed and downloaded here:  DoP


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For years, Mosbaek A/S has been working to document its products' performance, dependability and quality. This has now culminated in the acquisition of an ETA, based on previous efforts involving the European Technology Verification programme which now allow CEV flow regulators to be CE marked.

In an increasingly chaotic market where performance is primarily based on suppliers' own statements, the CE marking of CEV flow regulators enables customers to specify a product with a documented performance.

CE-marking of the heart in rainwater management

For more than 50 years, Mosbaek has been working on flow regulators designed for situations requiring rainwater management to protect and ensure the reliability of the sewer system. In recent years, customers from all over the world are increasingly interested in products with documented performance and quality. The flow regulator constitutes the heart of any sewer system planning and, if it does not perform as specified, the entire system will fail. Most schemes build on standardising the production process, not on products' capability. The creation of the European Environmental Technology Verification scheme has made it possible to document performance and it applies throughout the EU and potentially all over the world.

From EU-ETV to ETA

In 2015, after a thorough testing process, Mosbaek received the European Environmental Technology Verification of its CEV flow regulators. In 2018, Mosbaek decided to take the next step towards an ETA. An ETA makes it possible at European Union level to technically specify a CEV flow regulator's performance for those features that are relevant for the intended use. In addition, the ETA forms the basis for the subsequent CE marking in 2019.

ETA Danmark A/S has guided Mosbaek A/S through the rigorous process, from European Environmental Technology Verification, to ETA and now CE marking.

ETV facts

The European Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) is a procedure for ground-breaking technologies which find it difficult to document their environmental added value by other means. The verification procedure permits an independent determination and validation of a manufacturer's assertion on the output and the environmental benefits of its technology. The information from the verification procedure are publicly available and can be used to compare performance-related parameters and thus become an incredibly useful tool in the dialogue with third parties about the justification of the technology.

Facts about ETA

A European Technical Assessment (ETA) provides reliable third-party documentation for a construction product's essential performance characteristics, and an ETA makes it possible, in a technical manner that applies throughout the EU, to describe the construction product's performance concerning the features that are relevant for the intended use. An ETA precedes the possibility of qualifying for CE marking a product wherever standards do not exist, as is the case with flow regulators.


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