The flow regulator's route from enquiry, production and delivery to service is described under Workflow.


Mosbaek A/S gives high priority to quality, reliability of supply and service - and this has always been our trademark.

The workflow involving enquiry, production, delivery and service is described below. Obviously, the description applies to all our products, with the differences inherent in the production process.


The customer fills in and submits an enquiry form on Mosbaek's website. Or the form is printed, filled out by hand, scanned and submitted.

Alternatively, the customer sends an email containing information or contacts us by telephone.

Once an enquiry has been received by Mosbaek, it is registered in our quotation and ordering system. We draw up an individual, free and non-binding quotation adapted to the data provided. This is done in part by means of our design program and in part based on an evaluation by a specialist. If the conditions are special, this will be taken into account for the preparation of the quotation: a combined solution will be offered. Therefore, please remember to notify us of any special conditions.

After this, we produce a CAD drawing of the flow regulator and a quotation, which we send to the customer.


When a quotation has been accepted and we receive an order, the following occurs: we determine whether any additional information is needed and request this. This could be the inner diameter of a sewer, the preferred direction of the inlet pipe for a CY flow regulator (right-handed/left-handed) or the length of the stick for type CEV, etc. When all information has been received, the order confirmation is prepared in which we confirm the delivery address and invoicing address, as well as the terms and conditions of payment.


The individual flow regulators are designed in AutoCAD; the final drawing is transferred directly to a laser-cutting machine. The laser cutter precisely cuts out the individual components in acid-resistant stainless steel AISI 316L (Werkstoff 1.4404), according to the drawing.

Equipment from external suppliers i.e. penstocks, which are integrated in the solution, can be made in AISI 316 (werkstoff 1.4401)

The components are processed and assembled with TIG welding, after which all welds are efficiently cleansed with a TIG brush.


When the flow regulator is finished, a label with its specifications is applied to it. After this, we verify whether the specifications conform to the regulator and whether it corresponds to the customer's order.

Packing and shipment

The flow regulator is booked for collection by a transport company which usually picks up goods on Friday and delivers them at the beginning of the following week. During the packing procedure, assembly instructions (sketch) and installation bolts (made of acid-resistant stainless steel) are enclosed with the regulator. Our normal delivery time is roughly two weeks. If the order is urgent for the customer, we endeavour to speed up the process wherever possible.


Assembly and installation are done by the contractor's authorised sewer contractor who specialises in casting of concrete benching, channels, etc.


Satisfied customers are our best publicity, so needless to say we are available to answer any questions that may arise during installation and subsequent operation. If the flow regulator's capacity needs to be changed later on, we calculate a new orifice setting or supply a new baffle free of charge.


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