Handling enormous water volumes

Enormous water volumes are controllable using a double baffle.

Handling enormous water volumes

Enormous water volumes can be controlled using a double baffle. Even at low heads, the double baffle can control the flow of large water volumes.

This is useful in areas where small watercourses flow into big rivers.

The double baffle can be built underneath a pedestrian bridge or other passageway built across the small watercourse.

The picture illustrates the two double baffles in-built in parallel and protected by a grate on both the inlet and outflow sides.

Each double baffle is dimensioned to handle a water volume of 1500 l/s.

Like almost all other Mosbaek flow regulators, the double baffles pictured are infinitely adjustable, which means they can be adapted to seasonal variations in precipitation/discharge.

Double baffles are made with capacities up to 10,000 l/s.